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Lundy Bay Oil Painting
Lundy Bay Large oil painting on canvas. 100cm X 80cm X3cm deep edge canvas. £800.00
Lundy Bay is a beautiful part of north cornwall's coastline. I started painting this in the summer of 2015 after my first inspiring visit to Lundy.
I was captivated by the beautiful aquas in the sea and the gentle shoreline. The seagulls were a last minute addition to this painting, they are set against the wet sand.
I used a pallet knife to form the cliffs and brushes to build the layers of oil paint. I used a lot of paint on this canvas especially in the foreground.
A friend of mine said "I love it, I love the bright colours, it makes me want to go in for a paddle".
This painting gives a calm sense of place that just makes you feel relaxed.

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