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Fabulous art, love it....
Arthur Hubbard

Beautiful paintings

Your paintings are beautiful, the seascapes are especially striking.

Talented lady!

Jannine is a very talented lady that can capture the true Cornish scenery through her beautiful artwork..I am also a very proud owner of a breathtaking painting, 'Heathers bluebells' that she painted for me x
Heather Hunkin

My beautiful seaside painting

I live about as far from the sea as you can get in England, so having Jannine's artwork on my wall is especially wonderful for me because I look at it on a daily basis and am whisked away to the stunning north coast of Cornwall. If I could, I would have her art on every wall in my house. Thank you Jannine for portraying perfection on a canvas x
Helen Hick

Really like your work, Jannine

Jannine your work is truly inspiring and beautiful. Keep up the good work. x


I love your blossom and trees prints, so lifelike! A very talented painter, well done Jannine x
Karen Pedley


Fantastically well done Jannine and all the very best with love Brigid
Brigid de Courcy

this and that

love the site - love your trees xxx
aunty lynne