Makes me smile every day

Commission for Ruth of Sunni and Monty at Respryn, Lostwithiel.
Respryn, Lostwithiel
my husband commissioned Jannine to paint the fowey river at Respryn on the Lanhydrock estate as he knows this is most probably my most favourite of places to visit and walk through the surrounding woodland, and both our dogs Sunni (who is no longer with us) and Monty our chocolate labrador would certainly agree. Rather then collect the painting and present it to me on my birthday, he devised a trip to Truro which took a detour via Jannine's studio/gallery - for me to discover it hanging on display. The scene was instantly recognisable and I thought. coincidentally, that the two dogs that were discretely included looked like our two. Then I read the title "Sunni and Monty enjoy Respryn" Ruth's painting. An absolutely fantastic surprise and completely unexpected, I was overwhelmed! Jannine has completely captured the movement within the river perfectly and the surrounding woodland has such depth that it encourages you to enter and explore further. I am pleased she has even included the beech tree with it's winter foliage that sits along that stretch of riverbank, which is well known to me as I have photographed it on many occasions. The painting has pride of place in our kitchen/diner and makes me smile everyday.

Ruth Murphy